May 25 2007

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May 25th, 2007 (May 25 2007)EventThe Ostankino Tower in Moscow catches fire for the second time.
May 25th, 2007 (May 25 2007)DeathCharles Nelson Reilly, American actor and host (born in 1931)
May 25th, 1997 (May 25 1997)EventA military coup in Sierra Leone replaces President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah with Major Johnny Paul Koromah.John Major Quotes
May 25th, 1987 (May 25 1987)BirthTimothy Derijck, Belgian football player
May 25th, 1977 (May 25 1977)EventStar Wars is releasedied in It rapidly becomes a cult classic and is the start of a six-movie franchise.
May 25th, 1977 (May 25 1977)BirthGiel Beelen, Dutch radio DJ
May 25th, 1977 (May 25 1977)DeathYevgenia Ginzburg, Russian writer (born in 1904)
May 25th, 1967 (May 25 1967)EventCeltic F.C. (Scotland) become the first northern European team to win the European Champions Cup, which had previously been the preserve of Italian, Portuguese and Spanish clubs by beating F.C. Internazionale Milano 2 - 1.
May 25th, 1967 (May 25 1967)BirthPoppy Z. Brite, American author
May 25th, 1957 (May 25 1957)BirthEdward Lee, American writer
May 25th, 1957 (May 25 1957)BirthRobert Picard, French Canadian ice hockey player
May 25th, 1927 (May 25 1927)BirthRobert Ludlum, American writer (died in 2001)
May 25th, 1927 (May 25 1927)DeathPayne Whitney, American businessman (born in 1876)
May 25th, 1917 (May 25 1917)BirthTheodore Hesburgh, American educator and theologian
May 25th, 1917 (May 25 1917)BirthSteve Cochran, American actor (died in 1965)
May 25th, 1917 (May 25 1917)DeathMaksim Bahdanovic, Belarusian poet (born in 1891)
May 25th, 1907 (May 25 1907)BirthU Nu, Burmese politician (died in 1995)
May 25th, 1897 (May 25 1897)BirthGene Tunney, American heavyweight champion (died in 1978)
May 25th, 1887 (May 25 1887)BirthPio of Pietrelcina, Catholic saint (died in 1968)
May 25th, 1877 (May 25 1877)BirthBilly Murray, American singer (died in 1954)
May 25th, 1837 (May 25 1837)EventThe Patriots of Lower Canada (Quebec) rebel against the British for freedom.
May 25th, 1797 (May 25 1797)DeathJohn Griffin Whitwell, 4th Baron Howard de Walden, British field marshal (born in 1719)
May 25th, 1787 (May 25 1787)EventIn Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, delegates convene a Constitutional Convention to write a new Constitution for the United States. George Washington presides.George Washington Quotes
May 25th, 1667 (May 25 1667)DeathGustaf Bonde, Swedish statesman (born in 1620)
May 25th, 0967 (May 25 0967)DeathMurakami, Emperor of Japan (born in 926)

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